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When Do You Want To Go?

Whether you are trying to decide which region to visit first, or you aren’t quite sure what exactly the differences are between Arctic and Antarctic cruises - we’ve put together some of the most important things you should know about each. 

The Arctic

Floating along glistening icebergs, humpback whales peeking through the frozen waters, experiencing the magic of the Arctic tundra is a dream for many. Only a short flight from the UK, the Arctic is surprisingly accessible. Focusing on the Arctic Circle, our cruises visit the countries of Iceland, Greenland, and Norway. Ships vary by expedition type, but you can view our ships and see what options are available.


One of the biggest reasons to visit the Arctic is undoubtedly the wildlife. The polar bear is the main attraction, and spotting one of these beautiful creatures is a highlight of any cruise holiday. Whales, walruses, and seals are also in abundance. Depending on whether you take a Classic Arctic voyage or focus on the Norwegian Coast, you may also catch a glimpse of puffins, the Arctic fox or even reindeer.

Best Time to Go

Most people choose to visit the Arctic in summer due to higher temperatures, and almost constant day-light. July and August offer the best opportunities to view wildlife, Arctic flora, and explore further North as the ice melts away.

More and more people are choosing to book their Arctic cruise in the winter, despite the colder temperatures and shorter days, for the chance at experiencing one of our planet’s most incredible weather phenomena - the Northern Lights. If the Aurora Borealis is on your bucket list, you may want to take a look at our Northern Lights Special cruise.


The untouched continent. A land where no people live, no countries rule, and magical unspoilt landscapes await. Covering 10% of the world’s surface, most cruises to the region barely scratch the surface of this vast, uninhabitable, spectacular destination. Our cruises will take you as far as the Antarctic Peninsula, including the Falkland Islands, South Shetland Islands, and South Georgia. A cruise to Antarctica is the ultimate adventure.


It comes as a surprise to many visitors to Antarctica, but polar bears only live in the Arctic - so don’t expect any sightings. What you will find, unlike in the Arctic, are penguins - and lots of them. Colonies can include tens of thousands of birds, an incredible sight to see. In addition to penguins aplenty, over nine types of whales call Antarctica home - and seals are often spotted as well.

Best Time to Go

It is only possible to visit Antarctica during the summer months (November to March) when winter ice has begun to melt away making it possible to access. This period offers sunlight for almost 24 hours a day, the chance to see penguin chicks and seal pups arrive, and temperatures are at their most comfortable - albeit still cold. This is also a great time to head further South and explore more of the Antarctic continent. Our Crossing the Antarctic Circle cruise takes you to areas that most visitors to the region never venture.

Both Arctic and Antarctic cruises offer experiences that can only be described as a trip-of-a-lifetime. Get in touch with our specialists and we can begin planning your holiday to the poles straight away.

Get Prices For Your Expedition Cruise

When Do You Want To Go?

Antarctic Cruises

Almost 24 hours of sunlight during the summer months means that Antarctica is wildlife is kicked into action. An Expedition Cruise is the best way to see this incredible display.


Arctic Cruises

The landscapes of the Arctic are a delight to behold and a photographer’s dream, with awe- inspiring frozen lands littered with towering icebergs over 10 storeys high. 


Crossing the Polar Circle

Emma shares her story about her journey to cross the Antarctic Circle. From the people she met, the places she visited and the wildlife she photographed. Read on to find out what to expect on your own Polar Expedition Cruise.

Get Prices For Your Expedition Cruise
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  • Our holidays are protected by ATOL and ABTOT, for your complete peace of mind.
  • As supporters of the Marine Conservation Society, booking with us helps support the protection of our oceans.

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