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A Day In The Life Of… a HX Hurtigruten Expedition Leader

26 April 2024
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A Day In The Life Of, Antarctica, Arctic, HX

We spoke to Expedition Leader for HX Hurtigruten Expeditions, Torstein Gaustad. He has a strong bond with the sea, having grown up on the Norwegian coast. Travelling has always been a source of immense joy, as he loves exploring new destinations, immersing himself in the local culture, and gaining knowledge about the history and environment of each place he visits. In his role, he makes sure the guests get the best experience possible by sharing his knowledge and expertise. It is absolutely his dream job! How does a typical day start for you? With coffee! And a walk out on deck to check the conditions and take a moment to enjoy the view, while thinking of the day’s expeditions. After that, I go to the bridge to talk to the captain and the officers, to get the latest update on timings, conditions, and position and see if the operational plan…

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