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A Day In The Life Of…an Antarctic Guide

Richard on a zodiac excursion
13 July 2023
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A Day In The Life Of, Antarctica, Swan Hellenic

On her wonderful trip to the Antarctic this year, our Senior Polar Specialist Lucy sat down to speak with Swan Hellenic’s Polar Guide, Richard Simpson, to learn more about his working life of outdoor pursuits and expeditions to Antarctica. After a full career in the British Army where he was awarded numerous awards for exemplary service, Richard moved on to the military’s adventure training foundation wing where he worked instructing and leading small groups, before joining Swan Hellenic in his current role guiding passengers from ship to shore. Lucy: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what attracted you to work in this part of the world? Richard: I am a two-time Antarctic explorer, and I was given the opportunity to work with Swan Hellenic after they helped evacuate me and seven other teammates in the Antarctic Peninsula on our last expedition. When I was given this…

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Our Routes in the Antarctic Circle

Lucy on board the SH Vega
23 May 2023
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…with Senior Polar Specialist, Lucy The latest edition of this series offers personal insights into an adventurous expedition cruise by our Senior Polar Specialist Lucy Yeoman, who enjoyed a penguin chick-filled 13-day voyage with Swan Hellenic sailing from Ushuaia to the Antarctic Peninsula. WHAT DESTINATIONS DID YOU VISIT? A 12-day Antarctic Circle expedition with Swan Hellenic on the SH Vega HOW DID YOU GET THERE?  I flew to Buenos Aires and spent a couple of days there exploring the city. Swan Hellenic arranged a charter flight to take the guests from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia where we boarded our ship, the SH Vega and set sail that evening across the Drake Passage, heading towards the Antarctic Circle. FIRST TIME OR REPEAT TRIP? This was my fourth expedition to Antarctica; previous ones were in November and December. There was less sea ice, the chicks had hatched although further south towards the circle many of the…

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