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Six Types of Antarctic Penguin

28 July 2022
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Let’s be honest. A once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica isn’t about the bragging rights or quenching the thirst of your inner explorer – it’s all about the penguins. Whether or not these amazing two-legged, flightless creatures are the only reason you want to visit the frozen continent, we have no doubt you’ll be excited when you spot one for the first time. These are the six types of penguins in Antarctica that you should watch out for. Adélie Penguin You’ll only find the Adélie penguin down South, as the Antarctic coast is their primary (and only) residence. Almost four million Adélie penguins live in Antarctica, making them a common sighting for visitors. If you are lucky enough to visit Cape Adare in East Antarctica, you could see their largest colony made up of around a quarter of a million pairs. Fun fact: The Adélie penguin’s plumage provides fantastic camouflage in the water….

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