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Our Routes in Svalbard

18 August 2022
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…with Senior Marketing Executive, Laura We are delighted to be launching the polar edition of a new and revealing Our Routes series dedicated to sharing travel experiences from our experts all over the polar regions. Our debut blog begins with a feature on Senior Marketing Executive, Laura Radford, who recently enjoyed a wonderfully wild trip to Svalbard and couldn’t wait to tell us all about it! YOUR MAIN DESTINATIONS?  Svalbard and Oslo. HOW DID YOU GET THERE?   Flew from London to Oslo and stayed overnight at an airport hotel. The next morning, I took a charter flight to Longyearbyen in the heart of Svalbard.  FIRST TIME OR REPEAT TRIP? First-time ever visiting Svalbard, the furthest north I had journeyed previously was Tromso in the Arctic Circle. FAVOURITE LOCATION?   This is really difficult to say as each place we sailed past/landed on the expedition cruise with Quark was unique. From polar bears on the sea…

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