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The Greatest Polar Explorers

28 July 2022
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Antarctica, Arctic

While the polar regions of the planet are more accessible than ever, the harsh landscapes of the Arctic and Antarctica still have many secrets to divulge. Countless brave men and women led the way, forging a path of discovery amidst danger, that has made it possible for average adventurous travellers to follow in their footsteps today. From the trailblazers who made their way to the poles a century ago, to the modern-day explorers who still prove the planet has much to discover, these are the nine greatest polar explorers in history.  Ernest Shackleton Sir Ernest Shackleton is one of the most inspirational polar explorers in history, yet never actually reached his goal – the South Pole. Shackleton led three separate expeditions to Antarctica, the most famous being the Imperial Trans-Antarctic (Endurance) Mission in 1914 in which he attempted to be the first to cross Antarctica from one side to the other, via…

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