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Introducing Lucy

Rather impressively, Lucy's grandfather visited Antarctica in 1926 as a deck-hand onboard Admiral Byrd's expedition to the southern-most continent. She also grew up in Mexico, and so has been passionate about travel from a very young age. Lucy started selling cruises to the polar regions in the early 2000's and on her first trip to Antarctica was truly mesmerised by its beauty and wildlife. Lucy is one of our most experienced members of the team having been lucky enough to visit the polar regions a further 5-times since her first visit aboard a variety of ships and operators. One of her most memorable trips was being able to take her whole family to Antarctica and see her passion for the polar regions come alive in her 2 children, who are amongst some of the youngest people to set foot on the Great White Continent!  

Lucy's Top Tips

  • Book ahead to get the best deals, most operators offer an early booking discount which can save up to 25% off the cabin price

  • Book the right ship – the Antarctic Treaty stipulates only 100 people can go ashore at any one time, any ship over 200 passengers your time ashore will be limited.

  • If you are not a good sailor, book a cabin midship on the lowest deck possible as this will be the most stable. The higher you go the more motion you will feel

Why Book With Lucy?

'With over 20 years’ experience of booking clients to the Polar regions, I understand the importance of booking the right expedition, most people only do this type of holiday once, so it has to be absolutely right as they are not cheap. I am always happy to talk to the clients directly.'

What Do You Recommend Taking With You On A Polar Cruise?

You don’t need expensive thermal gear, it is all about layering. Mittens are better than gloves at keeping your hands warm. It is also worth buying some hand warmers that you can slip inside the mittens. Make sure you have spare batteries with you and always charge them as soon as you get back on board, the cold drains them very quickly

What Questions Do You Ask To Help Decide Which Is The Right Expedition Cruise?

Firstly I always ask if they are looking for a full expedition and if they have been to the Polar regions before. I then ask what wildlife do they really want to see and if travelling on their own would they consider sharing to keep the cost down

Blogs by Lucy

An Arctic Encounter

Whatever else one might come to Spitsbergen for, one reason must surely be to see the mighty polar bear or hopefully even two or three! So, from the moment we were on board our ship for our Svalbard cruise we were constantly on the lookout for one of these incredible animals. With their vast stature and amazing pearly white coat, designed by nature to keep out the very worst of the freezing temperatures of the Arctic, these majestic creatures are waterproof too! Great for when a dive upon some unsuspecting prey was made to ensure something for dinner, or indeed the odd swim.

There was a certain rivalry between the watchers as to who might spot a bear first, forgetting that it was far more likely that an experienced member of the crew >>>

What you need to know before travelling to the Arctic

Arctic’ comes from the Greek word for bear; 'Arktos' and it is believed that the name refers to two constellations that can be seen in the northern sky - ‘Ursa Minor’ (Little Bear) and ‘Ursa Major’ (Great Bear). 

This beautiful ice-cold region is the northernmost part of our planet; a remote corner of the world inhabited by indigenous arctic people called 'Inuits' and admired by visitors for its incredible otherworldly landscapes and extraordinary wildlife. A place so special that it contains around 10% of the world’s fresh water. Inside the Arctic, there is at least one day a year of entire darkness, and one day a year of entire sunshine. Another particularity of the Arctic is that the sea ice that keeps the polar regions cool also helps to moderate the global climate >>>

10 things you need to know about Antarctica

Congratulations! If you are reading this, it's because you are about to make a great decision: travelling to Antarctica! We can guarantee that you will enjoy your time in this land of desolate beauty. The landscape of the Antarctic is extreme, and most cruises visit the Antarctic Peninsula where the landscape is made up of white icy peaks and crisp blue glaciers. The clear waters are inhabited by heart-warming penguins, ferocious leopard seals and magnificent whales. This vast freezing desert is the coldest, driest and wildest place on earth, making a trip here, so much more exciting >>>

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  • Our prices are amongst the best you'll find, plus look out for Polar Routes exclusive offers!
  • All our holidays are ATOL protected (11104), for your complete peace of mind.
  • As supporters of the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, booking with us helps support the work of the trust within Antarctica.