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An incredible 167-day itinerary to explore the world’s hidden gems, taking in 107 Ports,10 Routes and 30 Countries. You will start your journey from the busy port of Ushuaia, visiting Antarctica, Southern Chile, Easter Island, Polynesia, Australia, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Europe’s ancient cities, the Arctic and so much more; ending in the fascinating city of Tromso. The expedition cruise takes you through stunning landscapes, historical sites and fascinating cultures where centuries of tradition remains. Your months will be filled with unspoilt and pristine wilderness, a natural beauty that creates memories for a lifetime.


  • A unique cruise to admire Mother Earth’s breath-taking sites
  • Explore the secrets of Earth in its purest form
  • Visit historical sites and get further insights from local communities
  • Admire remarkable and fascinating wildlife
  • Everything you must see in the world put together into an incredible voyage

Quick Itinerary

30 Jan – 17 Feb: Ushuaia, Argentina to Valparaiso, Chile
17 Feb – 11 Mar: Valparaiso, Chile to Papeete, Tahiti
11 Mar – 23 Mar: Papeete, Tahiti to Lautoka, Fiji
23 Mar – 06 Apr: Lautoka, Fiji to Cairns, Australia
06 Apr – 28 Apr: Cairns, Australia to Singapore
28 Apr – 14 May: Singapore to Cochin, India
14 May – 02 Jun Cochin, India to Athens, Greece
02 Jun – 16 Jun: Athens, Greece to Lisbon, Portugal
16 Jun – 03 Jul: Lisbon, Portugal to Reykjavik, Iceland
03 Jul – 16 Jul: Reykjavik, Iceland to Tromso, Norway


  • Luxurious benefits that ensure you travel in comfort and that add an array of enriching cultural events make this voyage-of-a-lifetime an even more extraordinary experience.
  •  Business Class Air*
  •  Charter Flight from Santiago de Ushuaia
  •  Bon Voyage reception and Overnight accommodation (pre-voyage)
  •  Private transfer from airport to hotel, group transfer from hotel to pier and private transfer post cruise from pier to airport
  •  $2,000 Onboard Spending Credit (per guest)
  •  Exclusive World Cruise Events
  •  All Excursions
  •  Special Commemorative Expedition Gear Gifts
  •  Laundry Service
  •  Unlimited Wi-Fi**
  •  Medical Services
  •  Visa Package***
  • *Available from selected gateways/countries. Non-use air credit available for other countries
  • **Limited internet access in Antarctica
  • ***For USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia only

Secure your space today by calling one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 196 1000

Secure your space today by calling one of our Travel Specialists on 0203 196 1000

30 Jan – 17 Feb: Ushuaia, Argentina to Valparaiso, Chile

Your journey begins in the busy port of Ushuaia, where you will embark the Silver Cloud for the voyage of a lifetime! You will cross the iconic Drake Passage arriving in the Great White Continent. The Antarctic Peninsula is the closest part of Antarctica to South America and is renowned for its place in the last 200 years of polar exploration.
This spectacular region of Antarctica is renowned for its remarkable wildlife. You will see curious Adélie and Gentoo penguins, as well as fur seals relaxing on ice floes and humpback whales leaping from the water. You will be lost for words when confronted with one of the most magical places on Earth. 

During your time in Antarctica, you will disembark the ship in Zodiac boats, enjoying the majestic scenery from the waters and the shore and seeing penguins and other wildlife up close.

As your time in Antarctica comes to an end, you will enjoy phenomenal views of the South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Sound as you rewind your way north.

After re-crossing the Drake Passage, your next destination is the Chilean fjords. Where you will sail through the vast expanses of Southern Patagonia with stunning mountains ranges on both sides, your day at sea is the perfect opportunity for you to relax and observe the sublime marine life surrounding the cruise ship, go out on deck and appreciate the moment. 
Enroute to the colourful and vibrant port city of Valparaiso, you will discover some of the best highlights of Chile from the spectacular wilderness place of Tortel to the cosmopolitan town of Castro and the small village of Niebla, once a majestic fortress to prevent attacks against pirates and corsairs.

17 Feb – 11 Mar: Valparaiso, Chile to Papeete, Tahiti

From the bohemian seaport of Valparaiso’, you will set sail to Papeete – a gateway to the tropical paradise of French Polynesia. You will spend several days at sea. The perfect time to explore the cruise ship and take advantage of the first-class amenities and facilities. You can relax by the pool, perfect your knowledge with presentations and lectures from subject matter experts in the Explorer Lounge and watch whales from the Observatory Lounge.
You will discover one of the most isolated places on Earth: Easter Island (2,300 miles away from Chilean mainland). This is one of the world’s largest “open-air museums”, there is no better way to experience the island’s beauty than on foot, on a bike or on horseback. You will familiarise yourself with the tragic story of the Rapa Nui people.
You will then sail for Adamstown – the capital of the Pitcairn Islands where only 56 residents live many of them who are direct descendants of the Bounty mutineers, the cruise ship will then navigate to French Polynesia visiting the picturesque scenery of Fatu Hiva Island, the sublime Fakarava’s white and pink beaches and the limpid and warm water of Moorea Island’s lagoons. French Polynesia is a wonderful destination filled with infinite shades of blue and mountainous beauty.

11 Mar – 23 Mar: Papeete, Tahiti to Lautoka, Fiji

From Papeete, you will navigate to the gorgeous island of Bora Bora where you will realise first-hand how wonderful the island is. The island has outstanding scenery with milky blue water and sparkling white beaches. Many islands will be visited along the way like Palmerston Island and its colourful reef-fish, Apia where you can experience the traditional Samoan way of life and the amazing sights of Taveuni Island. You will then arrive at Lautoka, nicknamed Sugar City for the local agriculture and its big processing mill and with a population of 50,000 inhabitants.

23 Mar – 06 Apr: Lautoka, Fiji to Cairns, Australia

From Lautoka, your next destination is Madang, also called the “prettiest town in the South Pacific”. On route, you will discover the island of Pentecost – a lush mountainous and tropical island stretching 37 miles from north to south. A location where the traditions are strong, and islanders live in small villages growing their own food in small gardens. The locals of Santa Ana, in the Solomon Islands, welcome visitors with traditional songs and dances performed by members of the three different villages on the island. In Papua New Guinea, Rabaul is the former provincial capital and a remarkable location. The town is inside the flooded caldera of a giant volcano and several sub-vents are still active today!

You will travel to fascinating islands like Dobu known as “The Island of Sorcerers” because of its associations with black magic in the past. Fergusson Island is another interesting place where you can admire the Dei Dei Hot Springs erupting with steam next to mud pools. The final destination of this leg of the voyage is Cairns – the Australian city is used as a jumping-off point for international travellers. You can go scuba diving and snorkelling in the ocean. Cairns is a pristine location for you to see wallabies and grey kangaroos in the savannah and tree kangaroos in the rainforest. Throughout your time here you will enjoy spectacular sights and meet warm and friendly people.

06 Apr – 28 Apr: Cairns, Australia to Singapore

From Cairns, you will continue your journey along the Australian coastline from the idyllic and vibrant Thursday Island to the natural splendours of Broome and places like the majestic King George Falls – one of the Kimberley’s most magnificent natural wonders.

You will set sail to Indonesia and discover wonderful places like the small and traditional village of Takpala or Anano Island, which has the highest counts of coral and fish species in the world. This is a pristine place for photographers and marine lovers. Semarang is one of the oldest cities in Indonesia and although more a business centre than a city for tourists, Semarang serves as a popular gateway to the mountainous interior of Central Java and to fabled Borobudur.
You will continue the journey to Singapore, an island city-state off southern Malaysia stretching over 26 miles from east to west and 14 miles north to south. Although the city has been constantly expanding and the old Singapore has been knocked down to make way for the modern city, most colonial landmarks have been preserved including early-19th-century building designed by the Irish architect George Coleman. Most islands are also uninhabited and some of them served as playground and beach escapes from the city.

28 Apr – 14 May: Singapore to Cochin, India

From Singapore, you will travel back to Indonesia and observe the majestic Anak Krakatoa’s volcano that only emerged from the sea in 1930 and was responsible for one of the largest eruptions in recorded history, the volcano has been continuously growing since the 1950s. Not far from here, the Ujung Kulon National Park contains the largest remaining lowland rainforest on the Java plain, as well as the Natural Reserve of Krakatoa. In Sumatra, travellers will explore several places from the old town and modern capital of Padang to sublime and traditional village of Bawemataluwo, and head to Belawan for Gunung Leuser National Park where you can appreciate its unique biodiversity with more than 120 species of mammals, 190 species of reptiles and amphibians, 350 species of birds and 4000 plant species.

Your next destination will be the ancient Muslim port of Galle in Sri Lanka where different political influences have merged. You can observe the contrast between the Dutch-colonial architecture and the Arab quarter with its distinctly Moorish touch. The adventure continues to Sri Lanka’s capital and largest city – Colombo. The city offers a wide panel of fine restaurants, excellent museums and stunning temples all worth visiting. Colombo is a thrilling place with its exciting colourful architecture and interesting culture. The cruise ship will leave for Cochin. The city located in southwest India’s coast has a buzzing food market with both local and international cuisine. Visitors will enjoy the local pastime of bathing in the hot springs that surround the city. For people who are in search of Japanese experience, Cochin is home to only one of the 12 Japanese castles that survived the feudal age. You will find it next to the food market.

14 May – 02 Jun Cochin, India to Athens, Greece

Not far from Cochin, Mormugao is a wonderful city and former capital of Portuguese India surrounded by beaches and remarkable heritage sites. You will then sail to the sublime city of Muscat in Oman where visitors can swim and enjoy the stunning sandy beaches, diving with turtles in beautiful lagoons. Further south, you will travel to Sur – formerly known as a central trading port for East Africa and India and renowned for the outstanding construction of wooden ships. 
Nowadays, the city is charming seaside town and offers rich history and excellent beaches. Salalah is the next destination and in this subtropical and colourful capital of the Dhofar region, you will admire majestic waterfalls lush green lands. A rare lushness where rain and greenery are in short supply. Your next destination will be the remarkable port of Safaga. It has been undergoing a transformation, turning its activity into a holiday resort. Unlike any other places in the area, Safaga in Egypt has remarkably increased tourism through the best dive sites and land excursions.

Crossing the Suez Canal, you will head out to Rhodes Island – place rich in ancient history and where beaches abound. You will be diving in crystal-clear waters and embark in a journey through the past civilisations. Rhodes town is split into two parts: The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the modern metropolis, also known as the New Town spreading from the old town’s walls with elegant constructed-style to enhance a harmonious effect. The journey will continue in some of the most fascinating Greek places, from breath-taking Italian-inspired architecture of Symi to the splendour of the city of Naxos and the seductive charm of Folegandros, formidably swiping away its dark path during the dictatorship of 1967-74. The last destination is the mystical Athens and the world’s ancient capital where all roads lead to the fascinating metropolis. The magnificent Acropolis is visible from almost every part of the city.

02 Jun – 16 Jun: Athens, Greece to Lisbon, Portugal

From Athens, you will pursue the adventure to the colourful town of Monemvasia where visitors can explore the remains of the ancient citadel-castle and admire the fantastic view of the surrounding area. You will travel through Greece, passing by the town of Itea in order to prepare the journey to a world rich in mythology and history. Known as the naval of the world by the Ancient Greeks, mighty leaders would journey here to consult the famous oracle, before making decisions that would ripple across the world. The journey continues at the historical town of Nafpaktos. Liberated in 1829 when Greece gained independence, this ex-Venetian stronghold was commonly known as Lepanto. The Byzantine navy used it as a communication point its mansions as well as naval houses will transport you back to several centuries! Such a rich past, and yet Nafpaktos is very respectful of its tradition. The journey brings you to majestic scenery of Ksamil. Tourism is still in its early stages, which is good news for anyone who wants to experience Balkan authenticity.

The cruise ship will navigate to the superb city of Sousse, the third-biggest city in Tunisia and home the Unesco-protected Aghlabid-era medina and the small but remarkable Sousse Archaeological Museum. You will also navigate to wonderful destinations in Italy, from stunning scenery in Porto Empedocle to the picturesque city of Trapani in Sicily and the remarkable architecture of Cagliari.

You will travel to Bejaïa – one of Algeria’s prettiest cities before setting sail for the Iberian Peninsula. Seville is a pristine Spanish city and home three UNESCO-World Heritage Sites. It is a full-on experience with a labyrinth of centuries old streets and tapas restaurants, quite possibly the best dishes that you will taste south of Madrid. The adventure brings you to Portugal to the fishing port of Portimão. The city is spacious and significant investment has transformed it into an attractive cruise port with great shopping streets. You can enjoy a decent lunch in many inexpensive establishments and local wine. The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is a captivating place filled with astonishing restaurants and bars as well as wonderful museums. The charming city of Lisbon benefits from a recent tourism boom and prices for goods and services are lower than most other European countries.

16 Jun – 03 Jul: Lisbon, Portugal to Reykjavik, Iceland

From Lisbon, you will sail north to the lively coastal city of Porto and La Coruna, in Spain – the largest city of Galicia’s region. The city has a Celtic origin as it was occupied by the Celts around the 6th-century BC and erected fortifications in the area, while Oporto is known for its port wine and has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Both places were important in ancient times, the Romans built a fort and La Coruna was considered as an important port under the Roman Empire.

The next destination will be the romantic city of Saint-Malo. Restoration work has been undertaken in order to regain its role as a busy fishing port and a seaside resort. You can wander in The Vieille Ville (French for Old Town), was recreated within the ramparts as a weeklong fire in 1944 from the retreating Nazis almost wiped out the historic buildings. Further east you will see the picturesque city of Honfleur with its half-timber houses and cobbled streets lined with excellent stylish boutiques. The city has rich history as some of the first voyages to Canada were operated from here.  Most of its architecture from the Renaissance remains intact and it is a delight to wander through the narrow streets and admire the two-story stone houses covered with wooden facades.

The cruise ship will sail for the United Kingdom and arrive in its capital – the cosmopolitan city of London. The ancient city will greet you at every turn: you can observe its famous landmarks like the Tower of London and the Big Ben. London’s character and tradition are still present as you will see the iconic tall, red, double-decker bus picking up commuters and continuing its journey to the next stop. You will also pursue the adventure to the lively Saint Peter port filled with wonderful history and Medieval heritage before to embark to the Isle of Scilly’s largest island, Saint Mary’s, and the island of Tresco – the most attractive of them! Tresco is filled with thousands of exotic plant species from around the world while Hugh in St Mary’s has a beautiful old town and its own beach. It is also a getaway to the rest of this magnificent islands. You will continue your journey to the historic valley settlement of Pembroke before to arrive at the magical place of Iona and the sublime town of Fort William in Scotland. St Kilda will be the last destination in the UK – a remarkable uninhabited archipelago with stunning cliffs nestling the most important seabird colony in northwest Europe. The archipelago has received dual World Heritage status from UNESCO in recognition of its Natural Heritage and cultural significance. You can explore the remains of the island's only settlement, Village Bay.

The journey continues further north to the magical country of Iceland. You will arrive in the Vestmannaeyjar’s archipelago. The island of Heimaey is the largest and only inhabited island in the group. In 1973, the Eldfell eruption destroyed many buildings and forced the population to evacuate. Since the incident, the inhabitants have returned, and the small coastal fishing community is now home to over 4000 people. You will also travel to Surtsey Island – a trawler passing the southernmost point of Iceland witnessed the birth of this new island in 1963. An explosive volcanic eruption that continues for three and a half years until the island of Surtsey was formed. It is 492 feet above sea level and covers almost 2 square smiles. The island is a perfect place for scientists to understand the colonization process of new land by plant and animal life. You will navigate towards the mainland and arrive to the colourful city of Reykjavik – the capital of Iceland. The city is home to half of the island’s population and present a colourful sight with quirky houses painted in light colours and vibrant red, blue and green roofs. Reykjavik is a unique and exciting destination, a buzzing small city with a fantastic array of cafes, bars & restaurants, a wonderful art and cultural scene with world-class museums and galleries.

03 Jul – 16 Jul: Reykjavik, Iceland to Tromso, Norway

From Reykjavik, you will sail west towards North Iceland’s beating heart, Akureyri, through the beautiful wonders of West Iceland like the impressive Latrabjarg Cliffs filled with millions of seabirds to the majestic Dynjandi Waterfalls in the Westfjords region, and the sublime Ísafjarðardjúp fjord around Vigur Island. The cruise ship will navigate along Hornbjarg Cliffs where you can observe Iceland’s most remarkable bird cliffs home to Brünnich’s Guillemots, Atlantic Puffins and gulls.
From Iceland you will set sail for Jan Mayen Island – a volcanic island located between Iceland and Svalbard where only a few travellers have ever set foot. The island reveals broad black lava beaches and towering peaks on the shores. Landing can be possible, and you may visit the research and weather station with permission from the Norwegian authorities. Be on the lookout as you may spot Humpback as well as Minke whales surrounding the area.
The Svalbard archipelago is home to the majestic polar bears as well as Arctic foxes, reindeer and walruses. You will start the voyage to the Northern region. There are many deep fjords and breath-taking landscapes like Monaco Glacier and Seliger Glacier. In the south of the archipelago, several fjords cut into the western half of Spitsbergen where you can find the remains of huts and mines, as well as commercial and scientific settlements. 
You will appreciate the visit on foot or by sea and admire stunning places like Magdalenefjorden and Hornsund. These last ones reveal spectacular views, mountains and variety of seabirds and seals. You will then arrive on Bear Island and perhaps encounter some of the polar bears arriving from the expanding pack ice in the winter. The island is a popular nesting ground for fulmars, kittiwakes, guillemots and gulls.
The Silver Cloud will sail towards the mainland of Norway to North Cape. Located at the very north tip of Norway, it feels like you are standing at the top of the world! Be on the lookout as you can spot remarkable wildlife. thousands of puffins, gannets, cormorants, seals, dolphins and whales live in the region. For visitors who prefer comfort, you can also anchor off Skarsvag and travel by coach to the North Cape and appreciate this glorious scenery. The next and final destination will be the sublime city of Tromso. The city is surrounded by ice-capped mountains and remarkable architecture. It is a pristine place to admire the Northern Lights that cover the skies over Tromso more times than any other city in Norway.

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Silver Cloud


After an extensive refurbishment, Silver Cloud will be one of the most comfortable ice-class expedition ships sailing to the polar regions. You’ll discover all the signature features people love most about Silversea: spacious all-suite accommodations with butler service, open bars, award-winning cuisine and the only Ice Class expedition ship with five dining options.

Silver Cloud from 30th January 2021 to 16th July 2021

Vista Suite: £77,999.00
Veranda Suite: £103,999.00
Deluxe Veranda Suite: £123,999.00
Medallion Suite: unavailable
Silver Suite: £189,999.00

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