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Explore the expanse of the Arctic world during an extraordinary polar odyssey from Iceland to Alaska, via the mythical Northwest Passage. The greatest explorers long coveted travelling from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean via the Far North route before Roald Amundsen accomplished the feat during his expedition from 1903 to 1906. Although this crossing is now legendary, PONANT invites you to go even further, aboard Le Commandant Charcot, by sailing along a virtually unexplored maritime route.

Like a perfect prelude to your discovery of the polar world, the latest addition to the PONANT fleet will first take you on a magnificent ascent up the west coast of Greenland to the majestic Disko Bay. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it will reveal itself to you between its mythical glacier and the graceful dance of monumental icebergs.

Next, you will enter the Northwest Passage via Lancaster Sound and then through the ice of McClure Strait. Following in the wake of one of the most mythical sagas in polar exploration, the ship will progress through to Banks Island, and gradually immerse you in a constantly changing world of ice. The infinity of the ice floe will unveil itself, moving, treating the eyes to beauties sculpted by nature and enhanced by the changing light. Aboard Le Commandant Charcot, a luxurious setting designed to navigate in extreme zones, you will continue into the Beaufort Sea and explore landscapes that are inaccessible to traditional ships. The ice covering reshapes the relief and reveals an incredible sensorial experience for modern-day explorers.

Your immersion in the northern world will also lead you to encounter the Inuit people for special moments of sharing based on their traditions. In the heart of the ice or at the confluence of the currents, there where all is pristine and wild, nature reigns supreme and an encounter with a polar bear is always a wonderful experience.

Beyond the Arctic Circle, your senses will further be ignited as the sight of the glistening ice floes, blue-tinged glaciers, rugged mountain chains, and rolling tundra captivates you. Long fantasised about before being discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, the Northwest Passage promises you a trip that is synonymous with going back to basics.


  • The crossing of the Northwest Passage by a unique maritime route, long coveted by the great explorers, only accessible thanks to Le Commandant Charcot, capable of sailing into the very heart of the ice.
  • Enjoy the unique comfort of Commander Charcot during days of exploration on board, where time stands still in the middle of the ice floe, in the special silence of the polar desert.
  • The west coast of Greenland, between traditional villages, glaciers and monumental icebergs.
  • Meeting the Inuit communities of the west coast of Greenland.
  • Discovery of Nuuk, the capital of Greenland.
  • An exploration into the heart of the ice in the Northwest Passage and the contemplation of sublime reliefs of unspoiled and immaculate landscapes, which are constantly changing.
  • Landscapes: icy channels, fjords, vast expanses of ice floe, myriads of jagged islands, blue-toned glaciers, mountain chains, vertiginous walls, expanses of tundra.
  • Fauna: Arctic foxes, sea birds, belugas, bowhead whales, walruses and the possibility of seeing polar bears.
  • Brand-new activities: kayaking, hiking or snowshoeing, ice fishing, polar plunge.

PONANT's Photo Ambassadors

Sue Flood   &   Ian Dawson


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Day 1: Reykjavík

Iceland’s capital stretches along the edge of a vast bay in the west of the country. Perlan, the “Pearl of Reykjavík”, a museum located on ’Oskjuhlið hill, offers a panoramic view of the lush, green landscapes. A little further, one can easily spot the signpost showing the way to the evangelical Hallgrímskirkja church, and to the historical centre where one can stroll along the Skólavördustígur and the Laugavegur, two lively streets with charming small shops. For some relaxation just outside of the city, visitors have the opportunity to visit the Reykjanes peninsula and its famous thermal lagoons of the Blue Lagoon.

Days 2-3: Sailing through the Denmark Strait
Day 4: Prins Christian Sund 
Day 5: Aappilattoq (Augpilatok)
Day 6: Nuuk
Day 7: At sea aboard Le Commandant Charcot
Day 8: Disko Bay
Day 9: At sea aboard Le Commandant Charcot
Day 10: Pond Inlet, Nunavut
Day 11: Lancaster Sound
Day 12: Devon Island, Nunavut
Day 13: Beechey Island, Nunavut
Day 14-16: Exploring sea ice of Northwest Passage
Days 17-18: Banks Island
Days 19-22: Exploring sea ice in Beaufort Sea
Day 23: Sailing in Beaufort Sea
Day 24: Crossing the Bering Strait
Day 25: Nome, Alaska

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