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This expedition combines the mystical world of fire and ice in Iceland, with the incredible wilderness of Greenland’s awe-inspiring Scoresby Sund, the largest fjord system on the planet.  Witness giant glaciers calving cathedral sized icebergs, hike amongst rich Arctic tundra spotting musk oxen, and visit a remote Inuit community.  For the real icing on the cake, this voyage has been timed specifically for the right season and latitude to see the breath-taking aurora borealis, the Northern Lights.


  • Commonly clear skies and the ideal latitude maximise opportunity to spot the Northern Lights
  • Explore the world’s largest fjord, the spectacular Scoresby Sund - home to an abundance of wildlife, giant calving glaciers and towering ice-capped mountain peaks
  • Spot musk oxen and Arctic hare amongst the colourful Arctic tundra
  • Keep watch for whales crossing the Denmark Strait
  • Zodiac cruise through a myriad of enormous icebergs and ice sculptures
  • Visit the incredibly remote Ittoqqortoormiit Inuit community
  • Explore Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik and discover its fascinating history and culture

Quick Itinerary

Day 1 Reykjavik, Iceland
Day 2 Embarkation
Day 3 Denmark Strait
Days 4-8 Scoresby Sund, Greenland
Day 9 Denmark Strait
Day 10 Westfjords, Iceland
Day 11 Reykjavik

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Day 1 Reykjavik, Iceland
After your flight arrives into Reykjavik, you have the day free to explore this enchanting city.  The northernmost capital of the world, it appeals greatly to wildlife, culture and nightlife enthusiasts alike.  Enjoy the many delights of the city, including beautiful parks and gardens, dozens of art galleries and museums, the Hallgrímskirkja church and thermal baths.  There are plenty of shops, excellent cafes, restaurants and bars to explore before resting for the night at your pre-voyage hotel, included within the package.

Day 2 Embarkation
Enjoy the morning at leisure.  In the afternoon you will board the luxury vessel M/V Sea Spirit with a warm welcome from the crew and expedition team.  The ship will sail into the bay of Faxaflói, where you may even potentially spot whales.

Day 3 Denmark Strait
Crossing the Arctic Circle, the ship heads across the Denmark Strait bound for Greenland.  You will enjoy time at leisure to spot whales, attend fascinating presentations from the expedition team and socialise with your fellow expeditioners.   As the sun disappears beyond the horizon, and day turns to night, you will have your first chance to see the Northern Lights.

Days 4-8 Exploration of Scoresby Sund, Greenland
Welcome to Greenland!  As you arrive into real Arctic wilderness and expedition territory, the Captain and expedition leader will create a unique itinerary based on the local ice and weather conditions.  The aim is to explore the world’s largest and longest fjord system, Scoresby Sund - one the most overwhelmingly beautiful regions in the Arctic; with towering snowy mountain peaks rising majestically up to 6000 feet from the fjords, incredibly huge glaciers falling into the shimmering ocean and gigantic icebergs drift silently by.  The scale and pristine beauty of Scoresby Sund is impossible to comprehend and sure to impress.  On shore, there will be opportunity to hike through the colourful tundra keeping watch for majestic musk oxen and the Arctic hare.  You will also discover trappers’ huts, ancient Thule archaeological places and modern Inuit hunter cabins.  

You may visit the fascinating Inuit community of Ittoqqortoormiit , a settlement so remote that it is cut off from the world nine months of the year by sea ice.  Here you can meet the warm Inuit people, learn about their amazing way of life and how they manage to survive through the extreme Arctic winter.  Visit the quaint museum, post office and gift shop and see the numerous Greenlandic sled dogs.

Throughout your time in Scoresby Sund, your days will be filled with the most incredible experiences both on and off the ship.  Every night provides possibility of spotting the greatest light show on earth at night, the aurora borealis – the Northern Lights.   Greenland is one of the best places in the world to witness this unbelievable spectacle.  

Day 9 Denmark Strait
Following an incredible exploration of Scoresby Sund, the Captain steers the ship towards Iceland.  With the free time, you can enjoy being out on deck keeping watch for seabirds and whales, or simply unwinding in the club lounge and chatting to your newfound friends and sharing photos.  There will be a range of interesting presentations and workshops from the expert expedition team throughout the day, and night-time brings even more opportunity to spot the amazing Northern Lights!

Day 10 Westfjords, Iceland
Today you will explore one of the most awe-inspiring areas of Iceland where few tourists ever see. Based on local conditions, the team will choose the best places to discover.  See beautiful fjords, shimmering waterfalls, towering coastal cliffs abundant with seabirds nesting and visit the smallest fishing villages where historic Icelandic traditions are still a way of life.  

Day 11 Disembarkation in Reykjavik
Following breakfast, you say farewell to the expedition team and disembark.  You will then be transferred to the airport for your flight home.  Alternatively, we can arrange a variety of tours in Iceland if you would like to extend your stay and further discover the amazing secrets of the ‘land of fire and ice’.

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