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If you are short on time, the Arctic express packs in many of Greenland’s incredible highlights. You can see the stunning landscapes, wildlife and maybe even the Northern Lights. With plenty of hiking thrown in for good measure.


  • Enjoy the stunning and dramatic scenery of Greenland
  • Explore Scoresby Sund, the largest fjord system in the world
  • Hike in North East Greenland National park, the largest, most remote and northerly national park in the world
  • see some incredible Arctic Wildlife including polar bears, muskoxen, sea eagles, fin, humpback and minke whales
  • Explore the incredible sights by Zodiac
  • Visit a real Inuit community
  • Take advantage of optional kayak adventure opportunities

Quick Itinerary

Day 1: Reykjavik, Iceland
Day 2: Embarkation Day at Constable Point
Day 3: Apelfjord
Day 4: Brogetdal and Watershausen Glacier
Day 5: Blomsterbugten and Renbugten
Day 6: Ella Oya (Ella Island)
Day 7: Ittoqqortoormiit and Hall Bredning
Day 8: Frederiksdal and Sydkap
Day 9: Disembarkation at Constable Point
Day 10: Depart Reykjavik

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Day 1 — Reykjavik, Iceland

Fly into Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city and the Northernmost capital city in the world, this intriguing city is home to most of Iceland’s population and has a variety of museums and tourist attractions to keep you entertained.

Day 2 — Embarkation Day at Constable Point

You will fly from Reykjavik to Constable point in Greenland where you will board the vessel and prepare for your incredible voyage.

Day 3 — Apel fjord

You will explore the mesmerising fjords of Apelfjord. You will be able to board the Zodiac boats and cruise past vast icebergs and see the wildlife that the Arctic is famed for including musk ox and arctic foxes which live here.

Day 4 — Brogetdal and Waltershausen Glacier

You will visit Brogetdal which is a valley in East Greenland, the name Brogetdal means 'multi-coloured valley', after the stunning geology and unusual coloured rocks. 
From Brogetdal it is a short trip to the Waltershausen Glacier at the head of Nordfjord which is one of the largest glaciers in Greenland and is named after the German Geologist Wolfgang Sartorius von Waltershausen after his failed expedition to reach the North Pole via Greenland.

Day 5 — Blomsterbugten and Renbugten

You will be visiting valleys which are regarded as among the most beautiful in Greenland. Blomsterbugten in Danish means ‘Bay of Flowers’ this valley is home to gold and purple rocks that you can either view from the shore or go on a hike and see up close. You will the continue to Renbugten which means ‘Reindeer Bay’ after the herd of reindeer that was seen on the first expedition in to the area.

Day 6 — Ella Oya (Ella Island)

At the mouth of Kempe Fjord in the King Oscar Fjord is Ella Oya. The island is a hiker’s dream, the surrounding waters are filled with ice, challenge yourself to climb the island, the views from the top are incredible.

Day 7 — Ittoqqortoormiit and Hall Bredning

At the start of Scoresby Sound (the largest fjord system in the world) is Ittoqqortoormiit
East Greenland’s most northerly community blends a mix of traditional and modern lifestyles. On a clear night you will have a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. You can support the local Inuit artisans by purchasing some of their unique handicrafts. Your time here will be spent meeting the Inuit and getting an understanding of their way of life. You’ll se vast icebergs, taller than building and larger than football fields crossing Hall Bredning.

Day 8 — Frederiksdal and Sydkap

You will sail deeper into Scoresby Sound, where you will see the phenomenal scenery, home to hundreds of massive icebergs that mess with your depth perception you will also see an ancient settlement belonging to the Thule, who inhabited the Arctic before the Inuit. 

Day 9 — Disembarkation at Constable Point

You will arrive back at Constable point and disembark, relax and enjoy your flight back to Reykjavik the vibrant capital of Iceland. You will stay overnight in your comfortable hotel.

Day 10 — Depart Reykjavik
You will make your way to the airport and board your return flight home. Or you might like to extend your time in Iceland and see more of what this incredible country has to offer.

Ocean Nova


The M/V Ocean Nova is a modern and comfortable vessel. She was built in Denmark in 1992 to sail the ice-choked waters of Greenland, and her ice-strengthened hull is ideally suited for expedition travel in Antarctica. The ship has a capacity of just 68 passengers making her one of the smallest ships in Polar waters. Despite her small size, you will find no shortage of space and facilities on-board including a glass-enclosed observation lounge and presentation room, spacious dining room, bar, library and lots of deck space.

Ocean Nova from 9th September 2019 to 18th September 2019

Ocean Nova from 16th September 2019 to 25th September 2019

Ocean Nova from 23rd September 2019 to 2nd October 2019

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