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A 15-day itinerary to explore the beauty of South Georgia in spring – the perfect time for discovering remarkable wildlife as it marks the end of the long winter and the beginning of wildlife migration and breeding cycles.
Photography symposium: during the expedition, you will travel with a highly experienced team of photographers that will share their knowledge and give you opportunities to improve your camera skills. 
The program is designed for everyone who wants to participate at no extra costs.


  • Explore the natural beauty of South Georgia at the best time of the year
  • Observe majestic landscapes and remarkable wildlife from the king penguin to elephant seal and albatross
  • Discover the quirky capital of Stanley and remarkable Sea Lion Island, home to magnificent sea lion as its name suggests
  • Disembark at the southernmost city in the world – Ushuaia
  • Travel to Punta Arenas – the getaway to Chilean Patagonia

Quick Itinerary

Day 1: Punta Arenas
Day 2-3: Southern Ocean
Day 4-10: South Georgia
Day 11-13: Southern Ocean
Day 14: Falkland Islands
Day 15: Ushuaia 

Day 1: Punta Arenas
The adventure begins in Punta Arenas. You will fly to the Falkland Islands in the morning and arrive 90 minutes later at Stanley, the archipelago’s capital. Stanley is a quirky little town with colourful houses and home to just over 2,000 inhabitants. It looks like a charming rural town in coastal Britain, you can see a remarkable cathedral and traditional English pubs. Take some time to explore the surrounding area before to embark for the expedition of a lifetime.

Day 2-3: Southern Ocean
You will set sail to South Georgia. The waters are filled with a plethora of wildlife. Hundreds of seabirds will be following the ship such as the albatross, giant petrel and the smaller cape petrel. At sea, the expedition team will give lectures and presentations to familiarize with the environment, wildlife and fascinating history of this pristine region.

Day 4-10: South Georgia
As you arrive in South Georgia, majestic mountains covered in snow will be the first thing you see when approaching South Georgia’s coastline. If weather conditions allow it, you will navigate into the historic location of King Haakon Bay where Shackleton and his men landed in their lifeboat. Only a few ships are visiting this remarkable location each season. King penguins are spotted on these black sand beaches and their number is quite important, about 100,000 penguins with their young ones.  The next destination will be Stromness and Grytviken, former whaling stations in South Georgia. Grytviken is the largest and oldest on the island. It is the location where Sir Ernest Shackleton was buried as well as his right-hand man, Frank Wild. Visit the gravesite of one of the great explorers in Antarctica.
The next few days will take you to St Andrew’s Bay and Gold Harbor – pristine locations for remarkable wildlife like fur seals, elephant seals and colonies of king penguins. Drygalski Fjord is another great location that deserves to be explored.

Day 11-13: Southern Ocean
You will sail back to the Falkland Islands and, as you return, you can spot albatross, petrels and other seabirds. A perfect time to share your experience with your colleagues on board, review pictures and videos.

Day 14: Falkland Islands
You will approach Sea Lion Island and go ashore in a Zodiac to observe incredible wildlife and no less than three species of penguin like the Gentoo, Magellanic and Rockhopper penguin. Southern elephant seals and South American lions also inhabit the area as well as king cormorants and striated caracaras.

Day 15: Ushuaia 
You will arrive early in the morning into the harbour of Stanley. You will get transferred to the airport for a return flight to Punta Arenas. You can either decide to fly back home, connecting flights to Santiago or other places in Chile, or stay overnight and enjoy a few more days in the area.

RCGS Resolute


The RCGS Resolute is a modern, well-appointed ice-strengthened vessel designed for comfort. Equipped with propellers of stainless steel and the highest ice class available (Lloyds 1AS), the ship can reach further into the ice with unmatched stability and superior speed.  There are six different cabin categories available ranging from main triple deck cabins with portholes to the One Ocean suites with panoramic windows.

RCGS Resolute from 6th November 2019 to 21st November 2019

Main Deck Triple: £10,899.00
Twin Room: £12,349.00
Superior Cabin: £13,199.00
Superior Plus: £13,499.00
Shackleton Suite: £14,899.00

Enquire About Antarctica: South Georgia in Depth (Photography Symposium) by One Ocean Expeditions

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Enquire About Antarctica: South Georgia in Depth (Photography Symposium) by One Ocean Expeditions
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