If you are seeking a voyage to explore Norway’s spectacular coast and experience Mother Nature’s ultimate visual wonder, the Northern Lights, look no further.  Sail through stunning fjords, discover enchanting Arctic towns and learn about the fascinating culture of the indigenous Sámi people.  A vast array of exciting excursions takes you deeper into the magical Arctic world; from husky dog sledding under the Northern Lights, snowmobiling and hiking tours through beautiful icy landscapes, through to experiencing a midnight concert at Tromsø’s Arctic Cathedral.  It's no surprise that Lonely Planet describe this as, `The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage´.


  • Timed perfectly for experiencing the magical Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.
  • Enjoy celebrations onboard as you cross the Arctic Circle
  • See stunning Norwegian landscapes, including beautiful fjords, towering snowy mountains and the Lofoten Islands
  • Stand at the very northern edge of Europe on the North Cape plateau - just 1300 miles from the North Pole!
  • Visit beautiful Arctic towns & remote fishing villages and be immersed in authentic Norwegian lifestyle
  • Opportunities to experience a huge variety of fantastic excursions including husky dog sledding and snowmobiling through the Arctic wilderness

Northern Lights Guarantee - if the lights do not appear, you will receive another 6 or 7-day Classic Voyage with half-board catering, free of charge!

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Day 1 Bergen
Your exciting adventure begins in the picturesque city of Bergen.  A former capital of Norway, it has a rich history dating back to 1070 AD.  The picturesque city is surrounded by seven mountains, and is famed for its many traditional wooden buildings, full of character and history, notably around Bryggen which is UNESCO World Heritage listed.  Enjoy one of the many cafes and restaurants, take a relaxing stroll around the city and visit the famous Fish Market.  Just around the corner from the market, we recommend riding the Fløibanen Funicular railway for stunning panoramic views over Bergen and the surround fjords.

In the afternoon you will embark on the cruise and enjoy a delicious dinner buffet, made from best locally sourced ingredients.  You will sail to the high north, following the ancient route of the Vikings, admiring the spectacular scenery from the deck or cosy panoramic lounge.

Day 2 Florø – Molde
Early risers will be greeted to breath-taking views of Nordfjord, followed by a hearty breakfast.  The ship continues course for Ålesund, a stunning fjordal town known for its art nouveau architecture.  For marine enthusiasts, you can join an excursion to Atlanterhavsparken, one of Northern Europe’s largest salt-water aquariums.  Some of the many highlights including seeing the endangered Humboldt penguins and Seal-bay, Europe’s largest seal pool created in natural outdoor settings.  Afterwards, you will head to Mount Aksla to enjoy wonderful views of the area.

Day 3 Kristiansund – Rørvik
Today you will explore the ancient city of Trondheim, founded by the Vikings in 997.   One of Norway’s most photogenic cities, it features Europe’s northernmost Gothic cathedral, picturesque waterways, fascinating museums and numerous cafes and bars.  You can explore Trondheim aboard a kayak paddling through the River Nid, enjoy a city tour on foot or join the expedition team for adventurous hiking in the surrounding hills.

In the afternoon, the Captain sails the ship towards Rørvik, where you will enjoy magnificent views of the rugged Norwegian coast and its many tiny islands, passing the charming Kjeungskjær Lighthouse en-route.

Day 4 Brønnøysund – Svolvær
Welcome to the Arctic!  Today you will cross 66°30′ N, the invisible ‘border’ defining the Arctic Circle.  Being above this latitude provides the best opportunity for seeing the Northern Lights.   Enjoy a ceremony on deck to celebrate crossing this legendary polar geographic milestone.   
As the ship continues northbound, you arrive at Bodø.  Here there is opportunity to join a sightseeing tour of the city and visit the legendary ‘Saltstraumen’ to see the world’s most powerful tidal current, which Jules Verne describes in his novel, 20,000 Leagues Under Sea.

Excitement builds as you head towards the Lofoten Islands later in the afternoon.   As you near the region, the giant Lofoten Wall rises dramatically 3,000 feet from the sea creating a breath-taking welcome.  The Lofoten Islands are one of the most picturesque Arctic regions, with beautiful untouched beaches, towering mountains, deep fjords, pretty fishing villages and an abundance of wildlife.   Discover the Lofotr Viking Musuem to gain a first-hand immersive experience in the Viking way of life.  Near Svolvær, you will have opportunity to experience a unique craft brewery.   The ship will sail through the stunning Trollfjorden, where you feel so close to the mountainsides you can almost touch them.  Learn about the fascinating Norwegian mythology en-route, keeping watch for Trolls known to frequent the fjord…

Day 5 Stokmarknes – Skjervøy
In the morning, you will be briefly visit Risøyhamn, Harstad and Finnsnes.   The voyage continues onto Tromsø, known as the Paris of the north, where you will enjoy an extended stay.  Join the ‘Polar History Walk’ to learn about the many explorers and hunters who once started their expeditions in Tromsø, and to sample beer from the world’s northernmost brewery.

A range of other unique excursions are also on offer.   Enjoy an exhilarating husky dog sledge ride through the Arctic wilderness.  Try your hand at snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or experience deep-sea fishing in a beautiful fjord.   On any of the trips in the dark polar night, the only light comes from headlamps for you to enjoy the incredible stars, far from any light pollution, and with luck, the amazing Northern lights.

Day 6 Øksfjord – Berlevåg
Following an early visit to Hammerfest, the ship continues north towards Honningsvåg.  There is an optional trip to the amazing North Cape plateau, where you can stand on the edge of Europe at 71°10'21´N.  Only Svalbard lies between you and the geographic North Pole, just 1300 miles away!

If you would like to learn more about the culture of this incredibly remote area, you can join the fishing village excursion to explore the hidden worlds of Kamøyvær and Skarsvåg.  The voyage continues north, sailing into the world of the indigenous Sámi people.  You can join an exhilarating tour on a snowmobile deep into the Arctic wilderness, keeping watch for the Northern Lights.  Your guide will teach you about the fascinating Sámi culture, learning about how they live in such an otherworldly environment.  

Day 7 Båtsfjord - Kirkenes – Berlevåg
Today you arrive into the extreme northeast of Norway at Kirkenes, bordering Russia.  At this point, you will be further east than Istanbul and St Petersburg.  There are a range of excursion opportunities on offer, with highlights including a snowmobile tour through magical Arctic landscape driving over a frozen fjord.  Or perhaps try your hand at an Arctic dog-sledge adventure, with beautiful huskie dogs leading you through the stunning wilderness.  You can also visit the amazing Kirkenes Snow Hotel, an incredible complex made entirely of snow and ice. 

You will enjoy a hearty lunch onboard and enjoy wonderful views from the panoramic lounge and out on deck.  The ship will begin it’s voyage south from Kirkenes, visiting ports you will have seen at night on the northbound voyage.  New adventures await, as you will now have opportunity to experience the destinations during the daytime.  You will cruise via the Varanger peninsula to Båtsfjord, arriving into the Berlevåg in the late afternoon.  Berlevåg is nationally known for its famous local fisherman male choirs.

Day 8 Mehamn – Tromsø
There is a fabulous opportunity to snowmobile through the middle of the night at Mehamn, where you will explore stunning winter wonderland landscapes under the mesmerising starry skies, potentially spotting the Northern Lights.  The voyage will head to Hammerfest, known as Norway’s polar capital.  You can join a mountain hike to experience the Arctic wilderness and be rewarded with wonderful panoramic views of the Arctic ocean at the top, learning about the local polar explorer Adolf Henrik Lindstrøm.

The voyage continues onto  Tromsø, where you can enjoy a spectacular midnight concert at the Arctic Cathedral, or perhaps relish the lovely ambience of the quaint city,  enjoying a local beverage in one of the many friendly watering holes.

Day 9 - Tromsø – Stamsund
In the morning you can join the “A taste of Vesterålen” excursion in Harstad, giving you an authentic insight into Norwegian history.  The tour includes a visit to many picturesque and historic sites, including the Trondenes Church which dates from the late Middle Ages.   For guests who choose to stay on the ship, you can enjoy views of the church as you sail on course to the Risøyrenna.  This was a transit channel made exclusively for Hurtigruten back in the 1920’s, linking Harstad and Sortland.

You will continue onto the Lofoten islands, which is always a highlight of the trip.  Its breath-taking natural beauty is impossible to convey in words.   You will head to Svolvaer via the spectacular Trollfjord, and have the opportunity to experience a horseback ride under the Arctic night sky on a beautiful white sandy beach.  In the evening, the ship sets sail from this beautiful region, with the monumental Lofoten Wall gradually fading into the horizon.  

Day 10 - Bodø – Rørvik
Celebrations are on the agenda as you cross back over the Arctic Circle – sampling a spoonful of cod liver oil in true Norwegian Arctic tradition!  As you sail along the infamously beautiful Helgeland coast, you pass countless islets, farmland and towering granite cliffs.  Keep watch for the Torghatten, a unique 846ft high mountain with a distinct hole in the middle of it.  You will also sail pass the legendary Seven Sisters mountain range, an area shrouded in troll folklore.  

Day 11 – Trondheim – Ålesund
Today there is another chance to explore the amazing city of Trondheim.  Later in the day, the ship heads into the beautiful Trondheimsfjord, an impressive fjord over 100 miles long and up to 15 miles wide.  As your voyage continues along the coast, you will visit the stunning city of Kristiansund.  Spread over four islands which reach out into the sea, the city is full of colour, charm and full of culture.  There is also opportunity to join an excursion to Bergtatt, a working marble and minestone mine, where you will step into scenes from another world, sailing on rafts across a crystal-clear illuminated subterranean lake.

Day 12 – Bergen
At night, the ship calls at Ålesund, Torvik, Måløy.  The journey isn’t quite over yet, as Norway continues to throw more of its charms at you.  En-route to Bergen, the spectacular scenery continues.  Passing through the beautiful Nordfjord, you arrive into Florø In the morning, one of Norway’s most delightful towns.  The ship will navigate through the opening of the incredible Sognefjord, and you continue to enjoy wonderful views as you arrive into Bergen.  

Sadly, all great adventures must come to an end, and after saving farewells to your fellow travellers, you disembark ready for your onward travel arrangements.

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